Additional Features

Open Capacity
  1. From your Dashboard, click 'Upload New Open Capacity Reports.'
  2. Complete the form and click 'save.' That's it!
  3. You can edit previous Open Capacity reports by clicking the 'Manage Open Capacity Reports' link (also on your dashboard).
Company Documents

  1. Gather your best brochures, PowerPoints, PDF and other digital marketing materials and place them in a known location on your computer.
  2. From your Dashboard - find and click 'Upload Company Documents.'  
  3. Type the name of your document, choose the file from your computer, and click 'upload.'  Your documents can now be viewed from any computer around the world!
Email Domains
  1. Are you in charge of your company's ASM listing?  If so, you have a link called 'Manage Email Domains.'  Find this link on your Dashboard and click it.
  2. Now click 'Add New Domain' and enter the domain name of your company.  For example '' is our domain name.
  3. We have to be sure this is your email domain, so enter your email address that contains your domain name.  For example:
  4. Once you verify this domain by following the instructions in the email we send you, you will then be able to see other AerospaceMall users who also use your domain. 

Step 4:  Special Touches