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Firstmark Aerospace designs, manufactures, and repairs precision electronic, electromagnetic, and...

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Telephonics Corporation

Telephonics Corporation, a world leader in fully integrated, advanced sensor and communication sy...

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The Realtime Group

The Realtime Group is a regulated industry specialist for electronics and software contract engin...

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Toyo Koku Denshi Co., Ltd.

We have contributed to aerospace industries as a specialised manufacturer of electrical wiring an...

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Manufacturer of ground support equipment/ auxiliary suppliers.

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Tyco Electronics

Electronic components for aerospace, defense and marine applications must meet the toughest stand...

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Ultra Electronics Controls

Ultra Electronics, Controls specialises in delivering high integrity, safety critical control sys...

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United Enterprise Group Limited


A global leader in supplying aircraft spare parts on commercial and military.


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Universal Engineering

Since our inception in 1957 we have been supplying high quality engineered parts to the aerospace...

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Ventura Aerospace, Inc.

Nearly every product we have is designed around a single and important philosophy- protecting hig...

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